Bosai Energy is capable of engineering design per international standards for LNG plant ranging from 5,000 GPD to 500,000 G​PD and distributed power plant ranging from 500kW to 25 MW.


Our EPC management team provides a complete solution customerized for each specific demand, which allows to deliver the reliable equipment at compet​itive price. The standardized design and fabrication covers the gas treatment plants for flare gas, wellhead gas, pipeline gas, and biogas paired with power plant as needed.


The advanced workshop is located in Shandong China with easy access to Qingdao Port, it is well equiped for design and fabrication of pressure vessel, skid package, compressor, subsea drilling units, oil and gas treatment units, refining facility and other fields. The team can challange the most restrict fabrication tasks from detailed design to acceptance test.

All certificates for international projects are well maintained to ensure quality standards satisfying technical requirements of our clients from Southeast Asia, North America and Europe.