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​The Best Solution for Natural Gas Treatment and Distributed Energy Management

Engineering Design

We are able to deliver the complete engineering solutions for gas treatment plant based on our working experience.

Our solutions include project development, engineering design, fabrication and financial support for the reliable and efficient purification and liquefaction of stranded gas, associate gas and pipeline gas. 

Module Fabrication

The gas treatment plant is fully mobilized for easy transportation. All the modules, including purification, liquefaction, storage and power units, are pre-fabricated  and pre-commissioning in workshop to ensure high quality and fast delivery.

The plant equipment will be tested by producing at leveled capacity at workshop before shipping.


Fianancial Support 

Fianancial support is available to project development, our financial solution is able to help fast investment return with our solid experience in engineering and fabrication of gas projects per international standards.

Project economy is secured with our cost effective and comprehensive technical and financial solution.



BOSAI ENERGY is a professional team specializing in gas treatment business for CNG/LNG/LPG project development,our solutions include project management, engineering design, module fabrication and installation,project finance,and plant operation.

We understand from our previous projects that the most important keys for a successful small-scale LNG plant are reliability and cost,we are able to ensure the project economy accepted by any investment institutes.


Our team members combine with local engineers who have many years of working experience in LNG project development and Canadian professional engineers who have extensive experience of international standards. Their average professional working experience ranges from 15 years to 32 years,each discipline lead has capability of engineering design and project management.

With our strategic investment partner, we are working on the gas projects in Canada and Indonesia from gas field development to LNG distribution. Our vision is to transfer our services from clean energy to renewable energy, a renewable natural gas (RNG) plant is under developing to produce 1,000,000 GJ RNG annually, which will reduce 250,000 ton CO2.

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